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Tiger Flooring supplies luxury carpets in Stevenage. Our flooring is selected for its unparalleled quality, offering plush and deluxe options with high appeal. Whatever your requirements, we measure, size up and assess accurately, providing bespoke solutions that artfully meet your needs. The quality of our craft, instilled through a deep understanding of our material, allows us to meet requirements expertly with confidence.

From luxurious wool blends to durable synthetic fibres, we specialise in a diverse array of carpet styles, to ensure that each installation meets the unique demands of our clients. With a keen eye for design and a dedication to precision, we handle every aspect of the carpet fitting process, providing tailored consultations to guide you through the selection process based on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. From precise measurements to flawless installation, our carpets guarantee practical floor covering while introducing a refined and inviting ambience to any space.

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How We Work

We supply, or supply and install, carpet to suit you. All of our products are chosen for their quality, durability and resilience, providing you with bespoke solutions that will last. Our experienced contractors fit constructively, working to composition and layout to ensure accurate placement. All of our fitters have experience in the industry of over 15 years or more, ensuring the finish we commit to is of high quality consistently.

Our Policy

We’re guided by an unwavering commitment to our craft. We work with precision, knowing how the material we use values simplicity and clarity, creating timeless flooring solutions on a conscious case-by-case basis.

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Whatever the project, our skilled and advanced craft generates tailored and impactful results. When we work, we work with dedication, using our experience, knowledge and expertise to cater to your home intuitively. Book in with us today to start your bespoke design, consultation and fitting process with our leading and reputable carpets in Stevenage.